Are you new ?

Your new front door?

This is the front door to Holy Saviour. It is always open to you.

Your new family waits for you inside.

This is a little taster of what happens on a Sunday morning

When you go in there is a little porch then the main part of church.

A steward will be there to hand you the hymn books and say hello

Under the little table on your right are boxes of toys please borrow them.

When we have enough children we also run a Junior Church for little ones during the service.

Sit absolutely any where ! Smile, don’t panic !

We stand when the vicar and Choir come in and then follow the service in the thin blue book.  The hymn numbers are on a big board above the organ.

When the sacrements (bread and wine) are taken to the front of church we hold a collection you may chose to donate or not, don’t worry it’s up to you.

When the congregation go up to the front of church please feel free to come up too (and the kids) If you usually take Holy Communion you are welcome to do so at Holy Saviour. If you are not confirmed then bow your head and recieve a blessing. When you feel ready return to your seat.

We stand at the end then sit or kneel to say our own personal prayers. When you are ready we leave and shake hands with the vicar on the way out. We then have a coffee or tea in the church hall, stay for a chat.

Our congregation is quite often made up of people who are so very young at heart and spirit, but wise in years. It is ALWAYS wonderful when new people want to share in our living faith with us. Everyone is welcome………… come and see !

7 Responses to Are you new ?

  1. Anita Banks says:

    Hello everyone,
    my name is Vicky and I have been a member of Sugley since I was a little girl. Now I am in my 20s and still coming! I enjoy church and like to help with the service in my role as a server. I also like talking to everyone afterwards and belonging here.
    I think you would like it too

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello everyone

    I started coming to Sugley fairly recently – in 2009.

    When I first went into the church I was quite overwhelmed by the beauty and sense of peace. I think the church is just the right size – not so big that you feel lost in it – not so small that you feel there isn’t room for you.

    I do hope you will come along and take a look for yourself – you will be made very welcome.


  3. lisa says:

    I would like to know what time service starts and ends on a Sunday? I’ve tried to find it but nothing is showing on the website.

    • gail says:

      Hello Lisa,
      The Sunday service begins at 9.30am and ends around 10.40 am
      The church is open at 9.00am for private prayer.
      Hope this helps !

  4. diane says:

    I would just like to know what time the christingle service starts tomorrow please , thankyou x

  5. Aaron says:

    I am only 14 and wondering if I’m too young to go to church by myself,I am not having a tough time I just think my life would be better with on what I should do,as I’ve been delaying it for years ?

  6. Ian Barnes says:

    I still remember my confirmation 03/11/1974 The Very Rev Elcoat, John Jackson my sponsor

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